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May 24th, 2005
05:52 pm


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For fu-- sakes last night was fucking fun as hell! So moistened!

'Tall started when Annette, like the small child she is, asked me if she could open her Super Soaker. Being the nice mom I am, I said yes. She filled it up so she could test the "distance" when ALAS Tim and Kellner were taking the garbage out. Oh, it was so go time. We barraged them with some moisture streams and it was sweet! And they were only kinda pissed.

Then stealthily, we laid on our balcony waiting for them to come the alternate route and then tried to spray the shit out of Tim some more. The neon-ness of our gun compromised our stealthy position. Luckily, Annette was a quick thinker and we then utilized our 2 mile range walkie talkies so as to assess the situation from no matter where we were, be it the steps, the balcony or the landing.

Sneakilishessly, we crept upstairs, one man covering our backs at all times. Guns cocked and loaded, we laid in wait for them to open the door, then sprayed the small sliver of fez we saw when they opened the door a crack.

Yes, I faltered, yet only for a minute as a large pan o' water was poured all over me. But that just fueled us more as Annette, via walkie talkie, came up with the most utilizational tool of our lives...the K key.

Once again we went upstairs...ever so quietly unlocking the door then SHAZAMM! we were in and it all went down, including Steph on her ass. But we were told to maintain our positions and kept firing.

All in all we reigned victorious and concluded with a celebratory victory shooting off our balcony. So stoicly we reveled in our success, slow streams of water shooting off the balcony in a back and forth fashion. I asked a black man if he wanted me to spray him and he said no and I said maybe next time.

It was a great night.

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