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Show Of Hands... - The Deal
May 16th, 2005
09:50 am


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Show Of Hands...

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Date:May 17th, 2005 10:26 am (UTC)

OH PICK ME PICK ME! (i'm raising my hand!!!!)

that does explain the HI-larious-ness-ity of us all forgetting to mention the extreme lack of sleep that all of us had endured the fact that even after we knew taht there were sparks coming out from teh back of your car .... we just kept on driving... also.. all the new crazy albulms played (insinuating the "newness" that has been going on with all o us lately.. OR AT LEAST I THINK.. but that damn raccoon!!!!!!!!! he's a bastard! him and his crazy dew-rag.. i would write more about our hilarity and the fact that no one else will ever understand taht we are the funniset people that ever walked or will walk on this planet!! (well without doing it on purpose)hehehe anyways because i am really hunry i just woke up adn can't think clearly heheheh maybe i will write more later.... PEACE!
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