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Things have been good lately...especially because I've decided to see… - The Deal
January 24th, 2005
07:43 pm


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Things have been good lately...especially because I've decided to see primarily the good in my life, and try to ignore the negative. Well, not so much ignore as see for what it is. I have come to some sort of realization that you're only blessed if you think you are...you'll only be happy if you think you should be. It seems too simple and obvious, but I really think more people should look into it. It's a very simple fix to stress and annoyance in your life. Or at least a way to minimize it. The mere fact that I have the ability to type on this computer right now makes me more blessed than millions of people in the world and it makes your life a lot easier to take sometimes when you put things in perspective.
That said, I have been stressed and annoyed about a few things lately. Really, I try not to let it affect my life too much, but that's what this is for...venting so the feelings don't erupt in a whiny and intrusive-to-others way.
I like my job a lot but I am annoyed that I am doing two jobs, getting paid for one, having all my work get backed up (because, honestly, for serious, I am doing TWO jobs, not one and a half, not one and three quarters) and making me look bad, not to mention the stress that goes along with TWO jobs. And the fact that another woman in my office is getting a CO-OP to help her because she cannot do her ONE job on her own, plus this co-op gets the bigger office I was SUPPOSED to be moved in to, that I had been prepping for when I finally got someone to help me with my jobS, and someone who is not my boss at all was on my ass all last week trying to get me to "clean it out" and get it ready for someone who is not even a legitimate part of the company, and I've been there for over a year and a half.
That's work.
School is annoying to say the least. Whatever.
And about the concert. SO STUPID!!! When I listen to Soco in the car, I just get this overwhelming feeling. I don't know what it's a feeling of, but it's so much of SOMETHING and almost brings me to tears sometimes. That probably sounds weird but for those of you with a true FAVORITE band and an extremely intense connection to music, you may be able to relate. So the fact that they will be playing LIVE TOMORROW NIGHT 4 HOURS AWAY and a girl who is now transfixed on them due primarily to my ex-boyfriend's influence, is going to be there, with him, probably thinking how "cool" she is and how cute and "punk" she looks in her highly contrived outfit. I am SO annoyed.
But that's it. Nothing else is wrong, for serious. :)

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